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12 Top Government and Financial Benefits for Women in India 2021
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List of 12 Top Government schemes & financial benefits for Women in India

Today’s Modern women want to focus more on their financial planning so that they live an independent life. A wide range of schemes is available for women to accomplish their goals with high success rates. They are ideal for improving the financial conditions that will help to lead a trouble-less life. However, women should know more about them in detail that gives ways to gain more advantages. Therefore, the Indian Government emphasizes offering various options for them that provide ways to overcome financial constraints to a large extent. Moreover, the financial schemes involve different types that satisfy women’s requirements who want to improve their financial stability. Here are some government and financial benefits available for women in India. 

List of 12 Top Government and Financial Benefits for women in India 2021

  1. Health & Life Insurance Premiums 
  2. Annapurna Scheme
  3. Dena Shakti Scheme
  4. Stree Shakti 
  5. Orient Mahila Vikas Yojana Scheme 
  6. Cent Kalyani Scheme 
  7. Mahila Udyam Nidhi Scheme 
  8. Low Loan Interest Rates 
  9. Entrepreneurship
  10. Bharatiya Mahila Bank Loan 
  11. Reduction in Stamp Duty 


1. Savings Bank Account 

Banks and post-offices offer exclusive savings schemes for women to save money for their future life. Some banks even provide discounts for women on medical tests through health insurance plans, thereby helping to reduce expenses significantly. In addition, they allow women to open a” junior account” for their children with no minimum balance requirements when linked to a recurring deposit scheme. 

2. Health & Life Insurance Premiums 

Insurance companies in India offer women unique plans to protect their lives from significant health risks such as cancer, heart disease, etc. They even provide huge discounts for them that will help save more money. Different types of life insurance and health insurance plans are available for women in India with more benefits. 

3. Annapurna Scheme

The Indian Government provides various schemes for women when they want to start a business. Annapurna scheme is one of them that offers Rs. 50,000 for starting a food catering business. It is one of the central government loan schemes meant for women, and they can repay the amount within 3 years. Those who want to start a new business can select the scheme to gain more advantages. 

4. Dena Shakti Scheme

Dena bank is a leading public sector bank that offers a wide range of schemes for customers in the markets. Dena Shakti scheme is one of them which aims at promoting economic opportunities for women. It covers 7 sectors, and women can get loans up to 20 lakhs to do a business based on their choices. In addition, the scheme offers personal loans for women with a concession of 0.25 % on the interest rates.  

5. Stree Shakti

Stree Shakti offers a personal loan for women’s development for entrepreneurship purposes. To get this loan, women should have 50% ownership in the business, and they can get loans up to 50 lakhs under this scheme. It allows women to operate a business with ease that will help increase the cash flow. 

6. Orient Mahila Vikas Yojana Scheme 

The scheme is ideal for women entrepreneurs in India who cater to their needs when starting a small business. It is a scheme launched by the Oriental Bank of Commerce with a concession of 2 % interest rates. Furthermore, the scheme doesn’t require any collateral for up to 20 lakhs. The repayment period is 5 to 7 years after getting the loan under this scheme that will help start a business or company accordingly. 

7. Cent Kalyani Scheme 

Cent Kalyani scheme is a unique loan product offered by the Central Bank of India that provides finance for women entrepreneurs. It is one of the government loans for women’s financial stability when launching a new business or company. The scheme provides a loan amount of women up to Rs.100 lakhs, giving ways to accomplish financial goals. Apart from that, it makes feasible ways to overcome financial troubles. 

8. Mahila Udyam Nidhi Scheme 

Mahila Udyam Nidhi Scheme is a loan scheme available for women to encourage and empower entrepreneurship. Women can avail of loans up to Rs.10 lakhs under this scheme when they want to launch a new business or small-scale industry. On the other hand, the interest rates may vary from one bank to another bank in a location. The repayment period is 10 years allowing women to launch a business or company. Also, the funding project is suitable for upgrading or expanding existing projects. 

9. Low Loan Interest Rates 

Ban offer loans for women with low-interest rates enabling them to select the best one among them according to their needs. However, they should know the eligibility and other things in detail while selecting a loan. 

10. Entrepreneurship

The Indian Government has introduced different types of loans for women entrepreneurs to run a business with ease. For example, ‘stand up India’ is a loan scheme offered by banks for the manufacturing and trading sectors. Women can apply for loans between Rs. 10 lakhs to Rs. 1 crore depending on their business type and requirements. Similarly, the PM Yojana for women’s entrepreneurship offers a loan ranging between Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 10 lakhs to meet their financial goals in business.

11. Bharatiya Mahila Bank Loan 

Bharatiya Mahila bank is a subsidiary of the State Bank of India (SBI) that offers finance schemes for underprivileged women who want to start a business or company. The bank provides a loan of up to 20 crores for small businesses with a 12.25 % interest rate. It is a combo of working capital and term loan which provides several benefits to women. Women can repay their loan amounts within 7 years. There is no collateral needed for the loan amount up to 1 crore. Women can visit the nearest BMB bank to know more details about bank loans and other requirements. The bank offers loans for both salaried and self-employed women to apply for a loan based on their choices. 

12. Reduction in Stamp Duty 

Many state governments in India offer a reduction in stamp duty and transfer duty for conveyance goods and other things. But, at the same time, it is applicable only if the property is in a woman’s name. Therefore, it is wise to know more about them in detail that will help make the right decision. 

These 12 government schemes cover various financial requirements of women while providing full financial benefits to them. If you are also looking for any government schemes then do consider these schemes.

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