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IIFL better than the Available Agent Motor Insurance
Take informed decisions with IIFL Insurance:

Why is IIFL better than the Available Agent Motor Insurance?

Nowadays, it is very trendy for people to buy insurance online. This not only is a good practice, but it also helps the policyholder to save money. All types of insurance plans, including the very handy motor insurance plans, are easily available online. Getting a motor insurance policy online is quick and easy. You can complete the job in a few minutes with just the click of some buttons. This is why experts advise you to get your vehicle insurance cover online as it is better than the plans available from the motor insurance agents. Read on to know more.

Getting a good motor Insurance Policy

Whether you choose to get motor insurance online, or you wish to do so through a motor vehicle insurance agent, the bottom line is that you need to have a good policy. This is because the laws of the country make it compulsory for all car and bike owners to have a valid insurance plan at all times. You can buy the plan online. Or, you can buy it offline with the help of an agent.

The simple process of buying Motor Insurance Online

There are many good motor insurance providers in India like IIFL who offer excellent vehicle insurance plans. You can buy the plans directly from them without having to worry about agents and their commissions. To buy a plan directly from IIFL general insurance, all you have to do is

Process of Buying Motor Insurance Online

  • Visit the insurer’s official website
  • Enter your requirements and personal details
  • Browse through the available plans
  • Choose the plan that suits you the best
  • Fill in the application form
  • Pay the premium online
  • Get the cover instantly

Buying car insurance online is as easy as drinking a cup of coffee! So rather than wondering, “who are the motor insurance agents near me”, log into IIFL’s website and get your cover right away.

Benefits of buying IIFL vehicle insurance

If you are looking for a good motor insurance plan from a reliable and trustworthy insurance provider, you should definitely consider getting your plan from a reputed insurer like IIFL Insurance. Here are some of the benefits you get when you buy the plan online from IIFL:

  • Straightforward process

As you can see, the process to buy an online motor insurance policy is very simple and fast. You just need to visit the IIFL’s portal, fill in the vehicle insurance details and get the plan you want in just a few minutes.

  • Affordable plans

The online bike and car insurance plans from IIFL are cheaper than their offline counterparts. The administrative costs and the processive fees are lower. Also, the brokerage of the insurance agent is not present. These reasons make online plans a lot cheaper than offline motor insurance policies.

  • Unbiased choice

And finally, you get to compare and select the plan you want. You can read the policy wordings and brochure before you buy. You can check the premium amount in advance too. No one forces or convinces you to go for a particular plan. This makes it absolutely safe and beneficial for you as you end up with a motor insurance policy that is best suited for your requirements.

These are some of the handiest benefits of buying an online IIFL motor insurance plan.

Drawbacks of buying Motor Insurance from Agents

While many people still buy their motor insurance plans from motor insurance agents, the process has some very obvious drawbacks. Some of them are:

  • Limited options

When you search for ‘motor insurance brokers near me’ and find an agent, you limit your choices. This is because the agent usually represents one insurance company and he or she will only sell the plans of that company. This instantly limits your choices. When you search for motor insurance plans online, you get to see all the plans from all the insurance providers and that automatically broadens the scope for you.

  • Biased promotions

A motor vehicle insurance agent earns his or her payment in the form of commissions, which is also known as an insurance brokerage. This is why he or she often promotes plans that would be more beneficial for them to sell than for you to buy. This is a biased practice and may lead to a loss for you in the long run. When you buy vehicle insurance online, you can make a completely unbiased choice that is purely based on your own requirements and that definitely helps.

  • Problems in payment

When you buy the plan from the motor insurance agents, you hand them over a cheque for the premium payment. The agent then deposits the cheque in the office of the insurance company. However, many a time, the cheque is misplaced or there is a delay in depositing it. This causes many problems for you and your vehicle insurance details to get hampered too. When you buy motor insurance online, you pay the premium online and it instantly reaches your insurance provider, without any roadblocks whatsoever.

  • More expensive

And last but not the least, offline insurance plans are more expensive. This is because the agent charges a hefty amount as his brokerage. The online plans don’t have the involvement of a broker so you save a lot of money on your overall motor insurance costs when you bypass the motor insurance agents and buy your policy online.

Keeping these points in mind, you can understand that the benefits are more when you choose to buy motor insurance online.

The final word

Now that you know more about the different routes of buying motor insurance and how the vehicle insurance details help, you can understand that the online option is better. You can get a very good policy online in just a few minutes. You also get to make an unbiased choice and find an affordable vehicle insurance cover. So log on to a trusted insurer such as IIFL Insurance’s website and get a good motor insurance plan today!

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