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15 Lakhs Super top-up Health Insurance Plans
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15 lakhs Super top-up Health Insurance Plans

This baleful COVID-19 pandemic has reestablished the importance of health insurance in one’s life. Though the COVID-19 second wave has receded, still, the fear of the third wave is roaming every corner. So, people are purchasing health insurance policies to safeguard themselves and their family members against various diseases, including coronavirus. Based on your family’s healthcare requirements, you need to choose the right coverage for your family. If you are living in a metro city where the cost of treatment is high, then your coverage should not be less than Rs 5 lakh-Rs 7 lakh.

By opting for the best super top-up health insurance plans in India, you can enhance your family’s health insurance in the most cost-effective way. Only health insurance top-up plans comparison will help you to cope with the skyrocketing medical costs.

What is a Super top-up Plan in Health Insurance?

A super top-up health insurance plan has many resemblances to a regular health insurance policy. Both cover hospitalization costs, along with other terms and conditions. But the best super top-up health insurance plan comes with a pre-decided deductible limit, and this plan bears the cost above this deductible limit. You need to pay all healthcare costs below the deductible limit either from your pocket or through a regular medical insurance policy.

For example, you purchased a health insurance plan that offers coverage of Rs 5 lakh, and you also own a super top-up plan of Rs 15 lakh cover with a Rs 5 lakh deductible. Now, you got hospitalized twice in a policy year. For the first time, the cost was Rs 5 lakh and Rs 6 lakh on the second occasion. Your regular health plan of Rs 5 lakh would compensate for the first hospitalization cost of Rs 5 lakh. But, you can’t claim for your second hospitalization as your entire policy has already been exhausted in the first hospitalization claim.

Here comes your super top-up plan of Rs 15 lakh that will be paid off the second hospitalization claim of Rs 6 lakh. This is because you have already fulfilled its deductible requirement of Rs 5 lakh during the first hospitalization claim. But you must remember that your regular health insurance plan coverage should be equal to or more than the deductible limit of your super top-up plan if you want to get complete protection.

Because of this deductible limit, super top-up plans are economical at affordable premiums. That’s why experts recommend that you should start the policy at a young age. In addition, super top-up plans are much better than normal top-up plans.

Top-up Health Plans Vs Super Top-up Health Plans

  • A top-up plan embraces you with the additional cover, generally above the current available limit, at minimal premium amounts. You can consider this as a safety net when you surpass certain limits. A super top-up plan comes with a deductible and enhances the financial security of your family.
  • A top-up plan works on the principle of “per claim” or “per hospitalization”. For a super top-up claim, multiple claims are permitted.
  • A top-up policy lapses after a single claim. A super top-up plan lapses once your entire cover is consumed (multiple claims are permitted).
  • A top-up policy reimburses your claim only if a single bill amount is over and above the deductible. On the other hand, a super top-up policy reimburses your claim if the total bill amount surpasses the deductible limit.

When you are planning to purchase the best super top-up plans in India, don’t only focus on the premium amount. You also need to compare various insurance companies’ claim settlement ratios, network hospitals, the policy’s features, benefits, exclusions, and waiting periods for pre-existing conditions. After evaluating all these parameters, you can only make an informed decision.

To help you make a firm decision, we are here mentioning a few super top-up health insurance plans that offer Rs 15 lakh cover with Rs 5 lakh deductible. The premiums are calculated for a 30-year-old guy who stays in Bangalore for each of the policies. The health insurance premiums are calculated based on your age, gender, income, medical history, smoking habits, pre-existing conditions, policy coverage, deductible limit, features, or other conditions mentioned by the insurer.

Super top-up Health Insurance Plans in India Comparison

Policy Name Annual Premium amount
Future Generali-advantage top-up Rs. 1615
HDFC ERGO-My Health Medisure-Super top-up Rs. 1650
Manipal Cigna-Super Top-up plus Rs. 1758
Star health-Super Surplus Rs. 2525
ICICI Lombard-health booster Rs. 2936
Tata AIG-Medicare Plus Rs. 2983
Care Health insurance-Enhance Rs. 3573
New India Top-up Rs. 3717
IFFCO TOKIO Health Protector plus Rs.  5073
United India Super Top Up Mediclaim Rs. 6136


Advantages of Super Top-up Plans

  • Pay your deductible only once: With a super top-up health insurance plan, you just need to pay your deductible amount only once. After that, you can claim multiple times in a year.
  • Customize your super top-up policy: You are free to customize your healthcare super top-up policy as per your healthcare needs.  You can choose from 1, 2, 3, and 5 lakhs deductibles.
  • No Room Rent Restriction: Super top-up policies come up with no room rent restrictions. You are free to choose any room as per your preference.
  • Easy Online Processes: You can easily purchase a super top-up policy online without any hassle. No hard copies are required for claims.

Health insurance super top-up policies are the most advantageous ways by which you can strengthen the financial protection of your family even in the skyrocketing healthcare costs. But always compare various policies and then make a firm decision by choosing the most suitable one.

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