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Advice for senior citizens

With the ever increasing cost of health services, it is progressively becoming difficult for employers to maintain parental coverage in the group cover schemes.

Audit your insurance needs and policies

Buying a life insurance policy is one of the most important financial decisions that a person makes. More importantly

Benefits of buying insurance policy online

There is a growing trend among the younger people of shopping online. It is gaining popularity because of the ease and convenience it offers.

Buying life insurance for tax saving

During this time of the year, one of the major cause of concern for most people is how to maximize their tax savings.

Dos and donts for life insurance buyers

Given below are some strategies what to do and what not to do before purchasing a plan online.Here is some tips

Doubts buying a life insurance plan

A lot of people keep thinking whether to buy life insurance or not. Then there are those who think that buying a small Rs. 5 lakh

Five basic reasons to buy life insurance

Purchasing life insurance is an essential step while planning your financial budget. Life is full of uncertainties

How to make a successful insurance claim

The bureaucracy of insurance companies, coupled with the threat of insurance fraud while bearing the loss of a loved one

How to maximize your tax benefits on your life insurance policy

Many people purchase life insurance plans not only to safeguard their loved ones financially in the event of death or permanent disability

Insurance myths that you need to get rid off

Most people look at insurance as something that helps them reduce taxes and save for future. Unfortunately, these are secondary benefits

keeping life insurance separate from investments

It’s very common to find people quoting about their insurance policies, when asked about investments for future. This is because of a misunderstanding

The Perfect Gift for your Husband this Valentine’s Day

To all the beautiful women out there, we have something in store for you! Valentine’s Day is approaching and I am sure that most of you would

What is Health insurance and why do you need it?

Health insurance is a type of insurance that covers the cost of your health related operative costs like medical expense or surgical expenses.

Insurance is much more than an investment

Have you ever thought why your agents, bankers and brokers call you to sell insurancepolicies? This is the time of the year