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We only realize that our Insurance cover is inadequate when either we or our closed ones are hospitalized and go through costly treatments, when we meet with car accident and get high car repairing bills or the main Bread earner of the family passes away.

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Why wait for these extreme situations for you to realize how much insurance you need or
how much insurance will suffice your current and future requirements.

Is there a Need to Know ?

How much should I be Insured and what should I buy are more important and relevant questions than just buying some random policy and thinking that atleast
"something is better than nothing""

There is dire need to know that what is adequate amount of Insurance you need ?

Adequate Cover

The real use of insurance always comes in FUTURE. so it's extremely important to know the adequate cover you need after 10 or 15 years from now.It also involves a lot of factors like your Family, Income, Liabilities, Lifestyle and Assets


Today's Expense will Double in next 7 years. That is inflation. This Applies to everything from buying grocery,movie tickets,Holiday to Medical Bills.So buying an insurance cover looking at today's expense will prove to be a big mistake as you are not factoring in INFLATION


It's said that "Second half of your life is a result of your First half" This is so true. Your Insurance cover should also reflect your Lifestyle.


Today we live in a world of EMIs. We practically pay EMIs for everything from a house to even a Mobile Phone. These are all liabilities which drag in our Future.Insurance cover should also factor these.